Flying Over the Ice
What the Year Will Bring
Little Yella Riding Hood
Baker's Dozen
Smile at the Judges
Axe Upon Axe
Olives in Tuscany
Pajama Pants or Sweat Pants?

The Tale of Cinderyella
A joint project by the writer/illustrators of

Lauren Francis Joy Nelkin Wieder Abigail Marble Abigail Marble Agy Wilson Susan Boase Liz Conrad Agy Wilson Sarah S. Brannen Joy Nelkin Wieder Sarah S. Brannen Susan Boase Larry Eisenstein

As an experimental project, the members of Yellapalooza chose a familiar tale and each did an illustration based on it. Each author/artist then wrote the text for their illustration in their own voice. The final text was edited for consistency. We hope you enjoy our tale of Cinderyella as much as we enjoyed putting it together!