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The Daddy Longlegs Blues

The Daddy Longlegs Blues
written by Michael Ornstein
illustrated by Lisa Kopelke
(Sterling, August 2009))

From A rhyming text and sweeping, humorous acrylic and colored-pencil illustrations introduce Daddy Longlegs, a rambler and roamer who makes his way across the pages of this book, singing the Daddy Longlegs Blues.—Mary N. Oluonye, Shaker Heights Public Library, OH

Hiccup Hop!
written by Cheryl and Emily Krass
illustrated by Lauren Francis
(Alexemi Publishing, June 2008)

From What happens when a squirrel gets the hiccups? He decides to visit his good friend frog for a day of hopping and friendship! This book takes a playful look at an unlikely pair of buddies, and the fun that ensues when they realize that at least for today, they can be a lot alike.

The ABC Book of American Homes

The ABC Book of American Homes
written by Michael Shoulders
illustrated by Sarah Brannen
(Charlesbridge Publishing, June 2008)

From A is for Apartment. B is for Beach House. C is for Cajun Cottage. This alphabetical survey spans over three centuries of architecture, highlighting the diversity of American homes.

The Mommy Orphanage

The Mommy Orphanage
written by Cheryl and Emily Krass
illustrated by Lauren Francis
(Alexemi Publishing, June 2008)

From The Mommy Orphanage is a charming children's book told through a conversation between a young girl and her adoptive mother. When the little girl poses the question, "What if instead of an orphanage where kids without families live, there was an orphanage where all the moms who want kids live?", the mother asks, "If you went to the Mommy Orphanage today, would you still pick me to be your mom?"

Uncle Bobby's Wedding

Uncle Bobby's Wedding
written and illustrated by Sarah Brannen
(G.P. Putnam's Sons, March 2008)

Chloe is worried and sad when her favorite Uncle Bobby announces that he is going to marry his boyfriend Jamie. Will Bobby still have time for her? When she gets to know Jamie better, she realizes that two uncles are better than one.

Super Oscar

Super Oscar
written by Oscar de la Hoya and Mark Shulman
illustrated by Lisa Kopelke
(Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, April 25, 2006)

From It's Oscar's job to tell everyone what to bring to the neighborhood picnic. But the young daydreamer forgot to hand out the lists. Now there won't be any food or games. But with determination, some lightning-fast moves, and fancy footwork, Oscar saves the day!

Oscar es el encargado de decirle a todo el mundo lo que tiene que traer al picnic del barrio. Pero este joven soñador olvidó repartir las listas. Ahora, resulta que no habrá ni comida ni juegos para jugar. Pero con un poco de determinación, algunas movidas veloces y otro poco de sagacidad, ¡Oscar salvará el picnic!

The Younger Brother's Survival Guide: by Matt
written and illustrated by Lisa Kopelke (A Simon & Schuster Book for Young Readers, March 2006)

It's not easy having an older sister...
Matt's sister calls him a pain. Matt's parents call them both wild animals. Matt calls it SURVIVING. That's why he wrote The Younger Brother's Survival Guide. Matt shares his tips on how to avoid the infamous Mystery Shake and why you shouldn't run around the house in your underwear.

Thanks & Giving: All Year Long
edited by Marlo Thomas and Chris Cerf
(Simon & Schuster, November 2, 2004):

includes "What I Did With My Coin Collection," by Tiger Woods, illustrated by Sarah Brannen and "Thank You, Mrs. Abruzzi" by Ray Romano, illustrated by Lisa Kopelke. All royalties from Thanks and Giving All Year Long will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The Secret Tunnel
written and illustrated by Joy Nelkin Wieder
(Hachai Publishing, November 2004)

Yonatan and his father must dig a tunnel under Jerusalem to bring water into the city before they are surrounded by the enemy! Will they finish in time? This ancient waterway still exists today and continues to bring sweet spring water into Jerusalem.

Tissue, Please!
written & illustrated by Lisa Kopelke
(A Simon & Schuster Book for Young Readers, October 1, 2004)

In this new comedy of manners, Frog and his friends can’t stop sniffling, and their ballet teacher is disgusted! Through a little inspiration, Frog and his friends finally discover tissue nirvana.

Mistletoe Madness: A Short Story Collection
Edited by Miriam Hees
(Blooming Tree Press, September 2004)

Contributions by Agy Wilson (three interior illustrations). A charming collection of short stories and poems sure to keep the most impatient Santa-watcher occupied for hours.

Angel on My Shoulder
Written by Miriam Hees
Illustration by Agy Wilson
(Blooming Tree Press, September 2004)

Elizabeth works hard at school and even harder at home. Taking care of her younger brother is a big job, but she does have an advantage over most girls. Elizabeth has a guardian angel.

My Secret Bully - The Secret's Out on Bullying
by Trudy Ludwig
illustrated by Abigail Marble
(Riverwood Books, February 2004)

A touching, inspirational story targeted for 5- to 11-year olds that instantly draws young readers into Monica's world, where she is bullied by a friend and learns how to cope, survive and thrive.

Excuse Me!
written and illustrated by Lisa Kopelke
(A Simon & Schuster Book for Young Readers, March 2003)

Frog loves to eat and Frog loves to burp. But Frog soon realizes that a few manners can go a long way!

The Girl Who Helped the Puma
text and illustrations by Pablo Delfini
retold in English by Agy Wilson
(Shinseken, 2003)

Facing starvation, hostile natives, and a pompously cruel leader, young Maldonado leaves her settlement in search of food. She befriends a pregnant Puma and the Querandi Indians, and finally brings everyone together in harmony.

The Great Potato Plan
written and illustrated by Joy Nelkin Wieder
(Hachai Publishing, July 1999)

With Papa in America, thirteen-year-old Simcha must keep his family safe in Warsaw during the Great War. He comes up with an ingenious plan to save his family from starvation and attacks by Russian soldiers.

Let's Talk About the Sabbath
written by Dorothy K. Kripke
illustrated by Joy Nelkin Wieder and Stacy Crossland
(Alef Design Group, 1999)

Beautifully written in poetry and prose, a renowned children's writer creates the essential young person's guide to the Sabbath. With rich, charming artwork this book delights in the visions of a perfect Sabbath experience.