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I grew up in southern California and went to California College of the Arts, majoring in sculpture. My favorite classes were Creative Writing and Art History. My professor was the poet, playwright, song writer & novelist Michael McClure . My favorite (paraphrased) quote of his that I pass on every chance I get is "You can't break the rules of writing until you learn what those rules are first".  So true. I am a self-taught artist and illustrator and have carved my own path to publication---first learning the rules, then breaking them.

I have illustrated several books including: The Daddy Longlegs Blues (Sterling Publishing 2008) by Mike Ornstein, Super Oscar (S&S) by Oscar De La Hoya and a short story by Ray Romano in Thanks and Giving All Year Long (S&S) compiled by Marlo Thomas.  I have written and illustrated my own books including: The Younger Brother's Survival Guide: by Matt (S&S), Tissue, Please! (S&S) and Excuse me! (S&S).

I currently live in Ogden, Utah with my daughter Claire, dog Henry, cats Jack and Vinnie and two mice Lola and Lucy.

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