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Abigail Marble has had her nose buried in one book or another since the day she learned how to read. Encouraged by a wonderful teacher, she began to write and illustrate stories in second grade. The most famous (among her family members, at least) was entitled A Dragon, and featured the memorable line "…and he crunched fifteen villagers!" (The accompanying illustration is too graphic to be reproduced here.)

Abigail's most recent published book is Love Your Heart (by Tim McGraw, Thomas Nelson, 2010.) Other titles include My Secret Bully (by Trudy Ludwig, Tricycle Press, 2004; and Gulmamadak the Great (by Tamim Ansary, Educators Publishing Service, 2006). Abigail's current projects include: an unusual counting book; an adventurous bed-time story; and a lively story about a little girl with an out-sized imagination and her very patient grandpa.

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